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"Our goal is to create timeless designs that align your personality and lifestyle."


PN Architects was founded in 2019 in Limassol, Cyprus by Architects Zenon N. Potamitis and Eleni Nicolaou. The two senior architects identified a large gap between the fast-growing Architecture Industry and the use of an outdated approach to customers' satisfaction/experience with the architectural process/outcome; therefore, decided to combine their expertise and create an innovative architectural studio that will provide customisable and personalised designs to clients across Cyprus.


Integrity and Respect

Together, we represent a dynamic team with strong moral standards, based on honest and strong professional ethics.

Our sensitivity to our client’s needs, requirements and capabilities reflect our ethos as professional architects. With respect and collaboration, we work together to provide our clients with exceptional quality services.

"Our clients' requirements and budget determine the essential parameters to our designs" - Zenon N. Potamitis


We use our knowledge and expertise to analyse each project carefully, to achieve the best possible solution for our clients.


“We believe that trust is one of the basic elements that drive corporate success. It’s not our years of experience that makes us who we are. It’s not what makes us reliable. What makes us trustworthy is our passion and determination to provide the best of us.” – PN Architects


Our commitment to excellence and to exceed our client’s expectations, guide our decisions and always reflects our designs.

“To create design harmony, we carefully consider all design elements such as shapes, form, and texture, along with environmental elements such as light and view. Combined, we create dynamic landscapes that work harmoniously with the environment.” – Eleni Nicolaou


We create spaces in which our clients will feel inspired and safe. Places they can call home.

Our highly passionate team has the power and skill set to design liveable, functional, and spacious landscapes.

With over 23 years of combined experience, we created a strong network of industry professionals to collaborate with.

We do not waste your space.
With careful consideration of every square meter you have, we research, analyse and plan to identify the most functional way

to create the best end-result.


Zenon has been an established architect since 1998, following his education and training in the UK.


He holds a B.A in Architectural Studies from Oxford Brookes University, UK and a

Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture (RIBA II) from UCE in Birmingham, UK.

Following his 7 years professional work experience in the UK and Cyprus, he started his own practice in 2003.

Additionally, Zenon is the architectural consultant in Limassol for the Charity Organisations of the “Pancyprian Organisation for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled” (P.O.A.A.) and the Arts Workshop of the “Theotokos Foundation”.

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Eleni has been working in Cyprus since 2016 following her education in Cyprus and Spain. She holds a BSc. in Architecture from the University of Cyprus and has been an Erasmus+ student studying architecture in Tarragona, Spain.


On top of that, she holds a diploma of Architecture Engineer from the University of Cyprus.

Eleni worked as an interior and architectural designer in Limassol, Cyprus since she graduated from her academic studies before co-founding and laying the foundations for Potamitis | Nicolaou Architects’ in 2019.


In addition, Eleni was awarded with the second prize for her submission in an architectural competition for Young Designers (Afro Banana Festival).

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