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The main aim of this Project was to successfully remodel and renovate an entire office floor of 400m2 in order to meet the needs of a continuously evolving shipping company, together with its staff, simultaneously adding a new interior design aesthetic and also comfort within the working environment.  The most important parts of the Client’s design brief were to separate the three main departments of the company to achieve a smooth execution of the everyday company operations but also create welcoming and relaxing communal areas where all the members of staff could co-habit and interact.  The open-plan working spaces and individual executive office layouts were done in such a way as to enhance team spirit but also allow for flexibility in each individual department.  The basic materials and colour palette used, such as wood veneers in light tones and a mix of grey tones on the walls and floors, and the light fittings and metallic elements in black tones all contributed to the modernistic aesthetics.  Additionally the vivid introduction of soft landscaping in various locations of the offices help create a friendly and tranquil working environment.  The dark blue metallic cladding in the cafeteria area is one of the main design elements of the Project – a distinct reference to the relation of shipping containers – as it’s type of fabrication also enhances the identity and uniqueness of the Project design.

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